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Compiling the Protocol Buffer Compiler for Objective-C

Recently, I looked into Protocol Buffers as a format of communicating between the iPhone client and the server. I didn’t find a lot of writing on this topic when it comes to Objective-C, so I figured I will write down … Continue reading

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iPhone Developers LA Meet-up

Last night I went to iPhone Developers LA’s first meet-up. We met at Coloft and PJ Cabrera, the author of Beginning iPhone Games Development, gave a little presentation on using UIKit and Cocos2D. I was going to come to the … Continue reading

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The Various iPhone Keyboard Styles

When you are working with UITextField and UITextView in your iPhone app, there are several keyboard styles available. Since both classes implement the UITextInputTraits protocol, this can be accomplished by modifying the keyboardType property. While the documentation describes what the … Continue reading

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Hello World

Hello, World. I am Kelvin Kao, iPhone OS/iOS app developer, and welcome to my blog. I have been developing on the platform for about two years now. Before this, I was also working in the mobile industry as a BREW … Continue reading

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