iPhone Developers LA Meet-up

Last night I went to iPhone Developers LA’s first meet-up. We met at Coloft and PJ Cabrera, the author of Beginning iPhone Games Development, gave a little presentation on using UIKit and Cocos2D. I was going to come to the meet-up whether there was a workshop or not, but if there was one, great. And it was given by the author of a book that I was considering buying, even better. Of course, later I realized that the publisher Apress was sponsoring the event so the first 15 people got the book for free. Hey, even better. Now I got a new book to read. I found the Apress book that I bought before, Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK, to be quite helpful so hopefully I’ll learn a lot from this book too.

As for the workshop, PJ gave an introduction of the UIKit and showed a simple code example that’s basically a skeleton version of Arkanoid. I wrote down a few notes, but for the most part I was already familiar with what was covered. Then we moved on to Cocos2D. We got a brief overview of Cocos2D and looked a little bit of code. This was something I was less familiar with and would like to learn more about. But of course, I knew it was unrealistic to expect to learn a lot of details when there were two big topics and only one hour of time.

I talked to the people that attended the event. Some of them were iOS developers, some were other kinds of programmers interested in platforms, and some were more on the business side than the dev side. So overall, a good mix of people. But this also meant that when the code was shown, some people were going “Ah, of course” and some had basically no understanding of what was on the screen. So that was the reality of presenting to a mixed crowd like that. I thought it was a nice overview by the speaker, but ultimately, to really learn anything, you just got to read more and have more trial-and-error on your own time. There’s no way around that.

But of course, the best thing about the event was to be able to mingle with the people there, and share the experiences. And it was just good to have contacts that you could reach out for potential collaboration or just to talk about what you are up to, since you do speak the same language. I am glad that an event like this is being put together.

And since I didn’t have business cards printed, I gave out these hand-made cards with doodles on them. I had fun making them. Hopefully it’s not too unprofessional. You can see pictures of all the cards here.

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