Chinese Input iPad App Submitted!

After about two years of building apps for clients, last week I submitted the first app to app store to be released under my name! And now I am waiting for approval, since I am an approval-seeking person like that. Hm.

I built this app because I wanted this app. As of right now, the iPad only supports the Simplified Chinese keyboard. Although this covers a big portion of the Chinese-reading population, the Traditional Chinese used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. wasn’t supported. Although I am not expecting to be typing huge passages on a touch screen, sometimes I just want to enter a few characters here and there. And it was an annoyance that I couldn’t do that.

What I ended up doing was using an app that converts between Traditional and Simplified Chinese. I would type the text using the Simplified Chinese keyboard, convert it, and then paste it into whichever app (usually Safari) that I am using. Although I got much better at Pinyin and hand-writing Simplified Chinese characters, it was still quite convoluted. As an iOS developer, how can I not build an app for that? So I went ahead and built the app. I’ve been using the app for a few months now but recently I’ve finally made it look presentable. So here we are, to the app store we come.

Hopefully the app will be approved soon, so it can be available in the app store sometime in November. To see more details about the app (and possibly sign up for a reminder so I can tell you when it’s actually released), check out my Traditional Chinese Input app on iPad web page.

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