Chinese Input iPad App Released!

I am happy to announce that the Chinese Input app has been approved by Apple, and is now available in the app store!

With this app, you can enter Traditional Chinese characters using Zhuyin. No more using the Simplified Chinese keyboard and then converting it to Traditional Chinese again! And then after you’ve entered the text, you can copy it into another app to use.

To know more about the app, go to my Traditional Chinese Input app on iPad web page.
To download a copy of the app, use the link
Now, I realized that the link doesn’t work for everyone if they don’t have their iTunes set up a certain way, but you can always go to the app store and search “Chinese Input”.

Hope this helps!

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2 Responses to Chinese Input iPad App Released!

  1. Chian says:

    It did help. It would be perfect if it can combine with other apps, such as office2 HD… 🙂 great job! Thanks!!

  2. Kelvin Kao says:

    At the moment, Apple does not allow third party developers to implement keyboards to be used outside of their own apps, so this is the best we can do, for now. (unless you jailbreak, which comes with its own set of problems…) However, I have no doubt that Apple will release their own keyboard eventually. That would make things even more convenient!

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