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Writing a PHP Script that Takes One Protobuf and Returns Another Protobuf

After we’ve generated the PHP classes from the Protocol Buffers, we can now use those classes in a PHP script. The PHP script will take a StoryRequest Protobuf from the iOS client, and respond with a StoryResponse Protobuf. We’ll call … Continue reading

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Generating PHP Classes from Protocol Buffer

Just like we need to compile our Protocol Buffers using the Protocol Buffer Compiler (protoc) into Objective-C classes before we can use it in an iOS project, we also need to compile the Protocol Buffer into PHP classes before we … Continue reading

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How to Send a Protobuf from iPhone Client to Server

After linking the protocol buffer static library into the XCode project, we can finally use it! If you recall from the generating Objective-C classes from protocol buffer post, we had a StoryRequest that takes two character names and an object … Continue reading

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iPad 繁體中文輸入程式新上市!

iPad 上的繁體中文輸入法新上市!這支程式,是我原本為了自己的便利而寫的,目前的iPad 3.2作業系統只支援簡體中文的輸入,但是我常常上的卻是繁體網站,在這樣的情況下,我決定自己做一個繁體中文輸入法出來! 這個輸入法程式,讓您可以用熟悉的注音與拼音方式,來輸入繁體中文字。有了這支軟體,您再也不用先用簡體中文打字,然後再用另一支程式把簡體字轉為繁體字。 想知道更多有關的訊息嗎?請到 iPad 繁體中文輸入法 網站. 如果想要直接從 app store 下載,請按 itms:// 在有的電腦上,因為設定的不同,有時這個連結並沒有辦法正確顯示,但是您可以直接到 app store 搜尋 “Chinese Input” ,即可找到本程式。 希望這支程式能為您帶來便利!

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Chinese Input iPad App Released!

I am happy to announce that the Chinese Input app has been approved by Apple, and is now available in the app store! With this app, you can enter Traditional Chinese characters using Zhuyin. No more using the Simplified Chinese … Continue reading

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Chinese Input iPad App Submitted!

After about two years of building apps for clients, last week I submitted the first app to app store to be released under my name! And now I am waiting for approval, since I am an approval-seeking person like that. … Continue reading

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Linking the Protocol Buffer Static Library into the Xcode Project

Last time we talked about how to compile proto files into Objective-C files, now let’s actually use them in a project! So create a new Xcode project, or use an existing one that will use these new files. Now add … Continue reading

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Generating Objective-C Classes from Protocol Buffer

Once you have the Protocol Buffer Compiler (protoc) built, you can use it to compile proto files into headers and implementations in the language of your choice. For example, I have this pair of proto files defined. This is a … Continue reading

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Compiling the Protocol Buffer Compiler for Objective-C

Recently, I looked into Protocol Buffers as a format of communicating between the iPhone client and the server. I didn’t find a lot of writing on this topic when it comes to Objective-C, so I figured I will write down … Continue reading

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iPhone Developers LA Meet-up

Last night I went to iPhone Developers LA’s first meet-up. We met at Coloft and PJ Cabrera, the author of Beginning iPhone Games Development, gave a little presentation on using UIKit and Cocos2D. I was going to come to the … Continue reading

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